DEL Communications Inc

Suite 300, 6 Roslyn Road
Winnipeg,  Manitoba
R3L 0G5
Toll Free: 866-424-6398

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, DEL Communications Inc. is a publishing and web design company first incorporated in 2002.  Over those years, DEL Communications has accumulated and is responsible for publishing hundreds of titles. DEL Communications publishes print magazines, print directories, electronic magazines, e-newsletters, searchable online directories, websites, and more.

Specializing in association-based and proprietary publications, we have a highly trained and experienced team who can make any publication for any industry possible.  DEL Communications creates national and international print magazines, as well as online magazines or regional print and online publications for every industry imaginable. Examples include construction, mining, solar, dental, land reclamation, oil and gas, local chambers, airports, association membership directories, and so many more.




The DEL team can provide a complete turnkey solution from concept to publication for businesses and associations looking to publish a magazine in print, online, or both.

Directories and Databases

Every newsletter needs a lists of emails and every online directory needs a database.  DEL can assist in gathering the necessary information to create your very own searchable directory and/or an email list for your newsletter.

Potash Mining Directory

North of 60 Mining Directory

Canadian Winery and Suppliers Directory

Advertising Sales

DEL Communications has a full-service sales team ready to sell ads and generate revenue for your magazine, newsletter, directory, e-newsletter, website banners, or any other media.


Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience up to date and create new revenue streams.  Together, you and our digital team can help you create newsletters with eye catching design and original content. Designed as a pdf digital publication, your newsletter is cross platform compatible and easily accessible.

The Potash Producer

Mining Your Business

Ontario Mineral Producer



DEL Communications has a full editorial team ready to work with you to create unique content for your magazine or digital presence. Have a great idea but don’t know where to start? Let our experienced team guide you through the process. 


DEL Digital offers website building services. Does your site need an upgrade? Or are you a new organization that needs a digital presence? DEL has you covered.  




David Langsaff – CEO
Dayna Oulion – Dir. Sales & Marketing
Mic Paterson – Dir. Online Marketing
Mia Malaluan – Web Developer
Phyllis Flemming – Accounts payable
Kelly Beveridge – Accounts receivable


Editorial Staff

Shayna Wiwierski – Editorial director
Cindy Chan – Managing editor
Lyndon McLean – Managing editor
Tammy Schuster – Managing editor

Sales Staff

Anthony Romeo     Brian Gerow
Brent Astrope   Colin James   Dan Roberts
Gary Barringtom   Gary Seamans
Jennifer Hebert   Corey Frazer
Mic Paterson   Michelle Raike   Ross James